On Dec. 21 – Dec. 22, 2019, China's largest doujin sales event aka “China's Comiket”, “Comicup25” was held at “Shanghai New International Expo Center”, Shanghai, China.

長寇 (Zhang Kou)-san/ Day 1 “Lullaby”'s latest Lolita clothes “Garden of Eden”

This event (abbreviation: Shanghai CP) started in 2007 and now it is being held two times per year which is in summer and winter. This event is China representative of the ACG (Anime, Manga, Games, etc.) event and it was split into 3 areas: doujin area, anime or games Corporation, and Lolita or fashion brand where distinguished and famous cosplayers and Lolita models will participate in.

There was a huge crowd of photographers taking photos of the cosplayers and Lolita model at the outdoor photography area that was set up similar to Japan. Among all those cosplayer and Lolita models, the one who has a huge encircling of photographers for two days is Zhang Kou-san.

Remarks such as “Whoa, there is a beauty here!”, “Who is that beauty!?” come from both men and women who saw her as if they had fallen for her. This slowly caused the photographers to gather up. This is the largest encircling of photographers that the author saw in the event.

We had requested an interview with the “tremendous beauty” Zhang Kou-san after going to the outdoor photography area immediately. Despite she had stopped the encircling of photographer for the 1 on 1 interview, the surrounding photographers gathered once again and form the encircling which is exactly as her words “It hard to have an outdoor 1 on 1 interview”. As we managed to have an interview with the super new star who only worked as a Lolita model for 1 year, we will also upload the photos that were taken in the two days.

–When did you start to work as a Lolita model?

Zhang Kou: I took my first step as a Lolita model in Sep. 2018.

–How many times had you participated in Shanghai CP up until now?

Zhang Kou: This is my third time participating. On the first day, I am working as the model for “Lullaby” with their latest Lolita clothes “Garden of Eden” while on the second day, it “NIKKI_TOMORROW” with their latest Lolita clothes “Childlike Dream”.

Zhang Kou-san/ Day 2 “NIKKI_TOMORROW”'s latest Lolita clothes “Childlike Dream”

–What does Lolita mean to you?

Zhang Kou: Lolita is a popular trend in China right now. To me, it is an existence that makes my childhood dream came true. I believed that all women wanted to be a princess or have a fantasy dream during their childhood. As my dream came true via Lolita fashion, it allows me to go back to the emotion I felt when I was a child.

–Then, what type of Lolita clothes do you like?

Zhang Kou: I like the respective Lolita fashion that is packed with its individual theme. and styles. This is because I am able to feel like I am a young girl living in various worlds while wearing different clothes. Thus, I will try my best to suit these beautiful clothes.

Photography: Nogi Akira (@Osefly)