The collaboration cafe featuring “<Monogatari> series” will be held at SEGA Collaboration Cafe Akihabara 4th Floor from Feb. 8, 2020. At the cafe, the collaboration menu will be served and exclusive goods will be sold at the item shop corner.

“SEGA Collaboration Cafe <Monogatari> Series” will serve different menu depending on each period, and an original coaster will be given as a gift.
Menu includes dishes, drinks, and deserts which are inspired by Araragi Koyomi, Oshino Shinobu, and Senjougahara Hitagi.

At the item shop held at the same floor, the goods exclusive for SEGA collaboration cafe will be sold; “tin badge”, “acrylic key chain”, “art panel”, and “letter-size standing acrylic board” with the designs of the characters wearing the waitress costumes.
Preorders are available at SEGA Mall Online until Feb. 5, 2020.

“SEGA Collaboration CAFE <Monogatari> Series” will be held from Feb. 8, 2020 to Mar. 22, 2020.
Furthermore, the “Valentine day cards” will be distributed from Feb. 14, while the “White day cards” will be distributed from Mar. 14. Since there is a limited number of them, don't forget to come for a visit as soon as possible!

(C) Nishio Ishin/Kodansha・Aniplex・SHAFT