From “Gundam Thoroughbred” comes an HG Gunpla of “Gundam Unit 04”. Pre-orders are now available at “Premium Bandai”.

“HG 1/144 Gundam Unit 04” has new molds of; the head of the RX-78 series, the unique thrusters of [Bst] on the shoulders, the forearms with Beam Guns, and the extra propellant tanks in [Bst] mode, to recreate the unique shape of the mobile suit tuned for space combat.

The main weapon “Mega Beam Launcher” was also newly designed. The foregrips are mobile, making it able to be held with two hands. The Energy Unit Pack on the waist is connected with lead wire so it can pose in various shooting positions.

There are many more gimmicks such as detachable thrusters and propellant tanks to recreate the regular mode, rotating arms (both upper arm and forearm), and so on. Enjoy the various equipment (Hyper Beam Rifle, Shield, etc.) and the dynamic action poses of the latest HG format.

“HG 1/144 Gundam Unit 04” is priced at 2,475JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are now available at “Premium Bandai” and shipping is scheduled for May.