Jan. 22 is the curry day!

On this day in 1982, in all elementary and middle schools in Japan, curry was served simultaneously. Ever since that, this day has been celebrated as the curry day. It was said that curry rice was bought to Japan during the Meiji Period from England.
Nowadays curry in Japan is a common dish loved by everyone. Many could say that curry is their favorite food.

To celebrate, at Anime! Anime! we conducted a reader survey in order to find out who are the most well-known anime characters that love curry. The survey was answered by 124 readers from Jan. 9 to 16. The Male/Female ratio was 35% and 65%, slightly having more responses from women than men. Ages ranged from 50% under 19, and about 30% in their 20s.

■The gathering of curry lovers!
The 1st place goes to Oda Sakunosuke from “Bungou Stray Dogs” withholding 15% of the votes.

Oda Sakunosuke is a low-ranked member of the Port Mafia. He swore not to ever kill a person no matter what. As one of the fans noted, “Oda (character) love of the restaurant Freedom's curry was based on Oda (actual person) being a loyal fan of the restaurant Jiyuken's curry.”, the real-life version Oda Sakunosuke in which the character was based off was a huge curry aficionado. “He's tall and handsome, and despite being a mafia member, his love for curry is so pure. I find it cute” and “His love for curry has become an addiction already.” commented by some of the fans who voted.

In 2nd was placed Kururu from “Sergeant Frog” with 8% of the votes. Sergeant Major Kururu of the Keroro Platoon is on the memories of fans from episodes such as “the ones where he appears on the scene eating curry”. Other comments made mention of how much he likes curry: “To the extent that he bathes himself in a curry bathtub.”. He probably left the impression of being a curry lover due to his yellow-colored skin.

In 3rd, Kageyama Tobio from “Haikyuu!!” got 7% of total votes.

The first-year student of Karasuno High School, Kageyama Tobio was mainly praised for being particular about his taste on curry: “I find it cute on the fact that he doesn't settle with any type of curry, it has to be pork top with soft-boiled egg.”. Kageyama has got a large number of votes due to the success of the 4th season of the anime, “Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP”.

■Other comments from readers
Kasugano Urara from “Yes! PreCure 5”: “I teared up on the episode when she treasure the curry recipe that her late mother left before passing away.”
Hazuki You from “Tsukiuta THE ANIMATION”: “I love the fact that he likes curry so much that he even wrote a song about it.” and “I enjoyed the scene where he is cooking curry.”

Ittoki Otoya from “Uta no Prince-sama”: “I think that the fact he is a curry lover, makes him an adorable character.”

Curry Cook from “Kinnikuman”: “I voted on him because he's always carrying a plate of curry on his head.” and “Well, he rubs curry against his opponent's faces and wounds, so it's only natural to choose him.”

Other characters who are made of curry themselves, such as Currypanman from “Anpanman” also made to the ranks. See them below.

■Overall Ranking

1st Oda Sakunosuke from “Bungou Stray Dogs”
2nd Kururu from “Seargeant Frog”
3rd Kageyama Tobio from “Haikyuu!!”
4th Kasugano Urara from “Yes! PreCure 5”
4th Hazuki You from “Tsukiuta THE ANIMATION”
6th Ittoki Otoya from “Uta no Prince-sama”
6th Currypanman from “Anpanman”
6th Chie Rumiko from “Higurashi When They Cry”
9th Cook Curry from “Kinnikuman”
10th Akizuki Kai from “ACTORS -Songs Connection-”
10th Asakura Yoh from “Shaman King”
12th Ciel from “Tsukihime, Lunar Legend ”
12th Shiratori Hime from “Aikatsu Stars!”
12th Tachibana Izumi from “A3!”
12th Nakano Itsuki “The Quintessential Quintuplets ”
12th Bashin Dan from “Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan”

(Survey Duration: Jan. 9 to 16, 2020)