Jan. 8 is “Gambling Day”.

It is an commemorative date that came from the Japanese idiom “一か八か (All or Nothing)” which means leaving up to the Gods to decide your luck. It was said that the origin of this idiom is from “丁半博打 (gambling dice game)”, where the letter “一” and “八” was taken from the top part of the “丁” and “半” respectively.

There were a lot of gambler characters that appeared in anime as well. The personality of the characters are also varied from those that keep their cool every time and reveal their latent talent when it comes to gambling to those that became penniless after getting cocky. Among all those gambler characters, which character leaves the most impact on fans?

Thus, in Anime! Anime!, we have conducted a reader survey on “Which gambler anime character can you think of?” following the survey conducted last year.
We have received a total of 111 responses from Dec. 18 until Dec. 25, 2019.
The male-to-female ratio are male is 40% and female is 60% where the female is the majority. The age distribution is 50% for aged 19 and below and 30% for those in theirs 20's where this survey is centered on youngsters.

■”Kakegurui” Jabami Yumeko – Remain Tops for two consecutive years
The 1st place is Jabami Yumeko from “Kakegurui”. The support rating is around 14% and she was also the top from last year.

We had received comments such as “I have never seen a gambler like Yumeko-chan before. I want to see her playing Pachinko or Lottery!” and “It was great to see her appearance while enjoying gambling from her heart.” implying her ecstatic expression when she focus on gambling is also charm. There was also a comment mentioning about the special feature of Hyakkaou Private Academy, “It's because the institute encourages gambling.”

2nd place is Sakata Gintoki from “Gintama”. The supporting rating is around 11% and went up a rank from the third place last year.

The comments “He has the type of image that he will be left with his underwear only after going to the pachinko or gambling.” which show that he likes to gamble despite not being good at it. There was also this comment “He is like a big risk fighter as he does surprise attacks by himself, showing his bravery despite being outnumbered, etc.” which reflects his gambler personality during battlse as well.

3rd place is Ryotsu Kankichi from “Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen Mae Hashutsujo”. The supporting rating is around 6% and he remains in the same ranked as last year.

The outstanding comments are “Ryo-san is the onegambler I can only think of. I think he was amazing as he can think of something not everyone can when it comes to gambling.” and “His gambling attitude is quite outstanding as he always ignore his work to focus on pachinko or horse race gambling and figuring out how to earn money from his side business.” Ryo-san, who is enjoying his gambler life despite being a public servant, is ranked in third place.

■Let's introduce the other commentary!!
For Matsuno Osomatsu from “Osomatsu-san”: “When he is free, he will go to pachinko or horse race gambling that he likes. Despite losing all the time, he was not discouraged by it and continue going to those place. To me, that's cool.”

For Akagi from “Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensai”: “He is the strongest man in all the characters of Fukumoto Nobuyuki gambler's works.”.

For Oogie Boogie from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”: “He is a rare gambler character of Disney.”.

For Mouri Kogoro from “Detective Conan”: “He always made Ran mad after he went to horse race gambling when he's free.” For Mouri Ran, “I was surprised that she was good at playing Mahjong.”. This shows that there are votes for this parent-child.

■Overall Ranking
[Which gambler anime character can you think of? 2020 version]
1st place: Jabami Yumeko “Kakegurui”
2nd place: Sakata Gintoki “Gintama”
3rd place: Ryotsu Kankichi “Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen Mae Hashutsujo”
4th place: Tsunade “Naruto”
5th place: Arisugawa Dice “Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-”
6th place: Oogie Boogi “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
7th place: Akagi (Akagi Shigeru) “Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensai”
7th place: Matsuno “Osomatsu-san”
7th place: Mouri Kogoro “Detective Conan”
10th place: Celestia Ludenberck “Danganronpa: The Animation”
11th place: Sora “No Game No Life”
11th place: Tooa Tokuchi “ONE OUTS”
11th place: Mouri Ran “Detective Conan”
11th place: Ryu “Mahjong Hishoden: Naki no Ryu”

(Survey Period: Dec. 18 ~ Dec. 25, 2019)