Jan. 13 is “Cigarette’s Day”.

The origin is because the paper roll cigarette “Peace” was sold at Jan.13,1946 for the first time. There was also a hot topic in 2019 that cigarettes like Golden Bats which had a long history were sold out.

There are a lot of characters who like to smoke cigarette appeared in anime as well. As the smoke from the cigarette is drawn to be shown on a screen, there is no doubt that it leaves an impression in a lot of fans.
Other than the normal cigarettes, there are characters who favor cigar and smoking pipe which had became a memorable item for that character. Among all those cigarette lover character, which character had captured most of the hearts of fans?

Thus, in Anime!Anime!, we have conducted a readers survey on “Which anime character is suitable with a cigarette?” following the survey conducted last year. We have received a total of 176 responses from Dec.20 until Dec.27,2019.
The male-to-female ratio are 25%male and 75% female where the female is the majority. The age distribution is 45% for aged 19 and below and 30% for those in theirs 20’s, focusing the survey on youngsters.

■The top is Kagomi Shinya from “PSYCO-PASS”. The reason for him to become a smoker is popular!

1st place is Kogami Shinya from “PSYCO-PASS”. The support rating is 20% and he ranked up from 4th place last year.
“The reason for him to become a smoker is strongly connected to his past” and “The reason for him to smoke is quite sad. It leaves quite an impression in me as there was a proper reason for him to start smoking.” Highlights the proper explanation on why he becomes a smoker. We also received a comment, “It is his trademark to bite on the cigarette.”

Moreover, Sasayama Mitsuru and Karamori Shion from “PSYCHO-PASS” series had also tied in 8th place and 14th place. This character fom the popular series, as the 3rd season was released in 2019, and a movie estimated to be released in 2020, had shined brightly as the top.

2nd place is Hijikata Toshiro from “Gintama”. Despite being on ranked down from last year, the difference in votes with the 1st place (Kogami Shinya) is quite small.

There were a lot of fan’s comments on episode 119 “Within Each Box of Cigarette, Are One or Two Cigarettes That Smell Like Horse Dung” such as “He is heavy smoker that everyone acknowledge and he is impressive as he’s willing to go to another planet just to have a smoke.” There was also comment about his appearance, “His smoke posture looks so cool and manly.”

3rd place is Sanji from “One Piece”. The support rate is 10% and he ranked up from 5th place last year.

We have received comments: “He looks so cool when he is smoking the cigarette while fighting in battle!” “I look his eye catch when the smoke he puffs out become a skull shape” “When we mention about cigarette lover characters, it must be Sanji! Ever since the New World Arc, he had become my dream guy as he plays an active role.”

■Let’s introduce the other commentary!!

For Akai Shuichi from “Detective Conan”: “It had already become a part of Akai’s body. His cool appearance while biting the cigarette is going to make me faint.”
For Jigen Daisuke from “Lupin the Third”: “When we mention Jigen, it will be hat, gun and cigarette. His cosplay won’t be complete if the cigarette is missing!”

For Genjo Sanzo from “Saiyuki”: “He is a monk! And a high-ranked monk as well! He is quite vulgar and no sense of intimacy but somehow it leaves quite an impact.”
For Jean Otus from “ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.”: “He is quite cool as he smokes the cigarette boldly in the street despite the cigarette is a valuable at that time!”
There was even a vote for characters that hold a cigarette related nickname.

It a show-off for those multiple season anime as the top ranked characters are from those anime. It seems like the cigarette impression will become stronger if you continue watching it. In the overall ranking, it had become a messy battle as there were multiple characters tied in the same place. Do check it out.

■Overall Ranking
[Which anime character is suitable with a cigarette? 2020 version]
1st place: Kogami Shinya “PSYCHO-PASS”
2nd place: Hijikata Toshiro “Gintama”
3rd place: Sanji “One Piece”
4th place: Jigen Daisuke “Lupin the Third”
5th place: Wakaba “Kemurikusa”
6th place: Akai Shuichi “Detective Conan”
7th place: Heiwajima Shizuo “Durarara!!”
8th place: Shinobu Meme “Bakemonogatari”
8th place: Oda Sakunosuke “Bungo Stray Dogs”
8th place: Genjo Sanzo “Saiyuki”
8th place: Sasayama Matsuru “PSYCHO-PASS”
8th place: Sarutobi Asuma “NARUTO”
8th place: Miyagi Yo “Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance”
14th place: Matsuno “Osomatsu-san”
14th place: Mouri Kogoro “Detective Conan”
14th place: Hiratsuka Shizuka “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected”
14th place: Karanomori Shion “PSYCHO-PASS”
14th place: Aozaki Touko “Kara no Kyoukai”

(Survey Period: Dec. 20 ~ Dec. 27, 2019)