A teaser visual from the latest work “Amurita Kyouen” (scheduled to be aired in 2021) by the director Sakamoto Saku following his previous production “Aragne: Sign of Vermillion” under the series “Tatta Hitori de Seisakusuru Gekijouyou Anime”, has been revealed.

“Amurita Kyouen” is a spin-off project and prequel of “Aragne: Sing of Vermillion”, in which Hanazawa Kana starred. Set in a large residential complex with a shady history, the story follows a new heroine, high school girl named Tamahi, will get involved in a new mystery.
Like in his previous work, Sakamoto Saku will be in charge of the entire animation production process as director, animator, music composer, original author, and scriptwriter. The voice actors for the movie have not been decided yet, though the casting is currently in progress and it will be announced in the next days.

The completion and release of “Amurita Kyouen” are scheduled for 2021.
In addition, a free event “Hitori de Tsukuru Chouhen Anime no Sekai ~ ‘Aragne: Sign of Vermillion’ to Sakamoto Saku Ten” (A world of feature anime created by one person ~ Aragne: Sign of Vermillion and Sakamoto Saku Exhibition) is currently being held at Shibuya, Tokyo until Jan. 19. The director Sakamoto Saku (on the 13th and 19th) and producer Fukutani Osamu (on the 11th, 12th, and 18th), will introduce the latest news and the behind the scenes of the production, along with the explanation of display items and materials not yet published.