From the “Sailor Moon” inspired “Usagi-chan's Good Night series” comes a re-sale of “Usagi's Pajama Set”, “Duvet Design Hair Accessory”, and “Usagi's Duvet Cover Set”. Pre-orders are now available at “Bandai Fashion Collection” in Premium Bandai.

The “Usagi's Pajama Set” is designed based on the pajamas and hair accessory Usagi wears to bed. An illustration of a bunny, the moon, and a star from the duvet design and the letters “Usagi Tsukino” are embroidered on the chest pocket. The backside of the pants has a cute ribbon with the same dark pink color as the buttons.

The “Duvet Design Hair Accessory” is a colorful hair accessory with the design of Usagi's Duvet.
There are 3 designs; a “Hairband”, a “Scrunchie with Ribbon”, and a “Ribbon Hair Tie”, and they each come in 3 color patterns; “Purple x Yellow”, “Purple x Pink”, and “Navy”. Each of them is very unique and combining them with different colors is also a good idea.

The “Usagi's Duvet Cover Set” is a set of a duvet cover and a pillow cover in which Usagi sleeps in. They have the same design as in the anime with crescent moons and bunnies.
The lavender cloth is girlish and easy to match with any room making it a great choice to use with the mattress cover you already have.

The prices with tax included are:
“Usagi's Pajama Set” 9,350JPY
“Duvet Design Hair Accessory” Hairband 1,650JPY/Scrunchie with Ribbon 1,320JPY/Ribbon Hair Tie 1,320JPY
“Usagi's Duvet Cover Set” 7,150JPY

Pre-orders are available at “Bandai Collection” in Premium Bandai until 11 pm on Jan. 13, 2020, and shipping is scheduled for Mar. 2020.

(C)Takeuchi Naoko・PNP・Toei Animation (C)Naoko Takeuchi