From "Sailor Moon", "wallet", "name card case", and "pass case" with the guardian marks and Luna's motif are now on sale on " Bankore!".

The products are embossed with the guardian marks on the black body. Attached to it, is Luna's crescent moon mark made with shiny gold metal. This luxury item is made of high class leather and is a suitable item for adult women.

The approximately 190mm width of the "Sailor Moon Luna leather wallet" allows storage of coins and a total of 12 cards. The 100mm long (113mm long if until the ear) "Sailor Moon Luna leather card holder" is suitable for everyday use. The 108mm wide"Sailor Moon Luna leather business card case" has a side pocket that can be used to store multiple cards.

"Sailor Moon Luna leather wallet" is priced at 22,000JPY (taxes included), "Sailor Moon Luna leather card holder" is priced at 7,700JPY (taxes included) and "Sailor Moon Luna leather business card case " is priced at 12,100JPY (taxes included). Each item is now on sales on "Bankore!".

(C)Takeuchi Naoko・PNP・Toei Animation(C)Naoko Takeuchi