The “Gundam” inspired apparel shop “STRICT-G” and bag brand “PORTER” releases a new collaboration item using “Char Aznable” aka “The Red Comet” as a motif. It will be on sale in all “STRICT-G” shops from Dec. 21, 2019 (Sat).

The RED COMET collection is inspired by “Char Aznable” aka “The Red Comet” from “Mobile Suit Gundam”. There is a line up of 5 items: “2WAY Helmet Bag”, “Waist Bag”, “Mini Shoulder Bag”, “Threefold Wallet”, and “Key Case” by original brand “PORTER” of the high quality and worldwide famous designed of the Yoshida Bag, which is fixated on the Made in Japan.

“STRICT-G×PORTER 2WAY Helmet Bag Char Model” 41,800JPY (tax included)

The main color of the product is black reminding you of Char's mantle and it also has a gold embroidery of Char's personal mark. Red color was used for the fastener while the inner lining of the product was filled with Char's mark in the red camouflage design. Each product comes with a pair of dog tags to have a special demonstration.

The “2WAY Helmet Bag” has a thin silhouette giving it a sophisticated look.. By using the shoulder strap, it can be carried vertically or diagonally. It is also easy to carry by hand, making it suitable for a wide range of situations and styles. As it is large enough for B4 size, it's a great choice not only for days off but for commuting to school or work.

The “Waist Bag” is the perfect size for 'town use' and the side adjuster allow to adjust the widthaccording to the weight of the bag. Despite its compact size, the “Mini Shoulder Bag” is very practical with just the right size for everyday items such as; long wallets, phones, keys, etc..

The “Threefold Wallet” has a original hook with the mark of Zeon carved in the leather. The round fastener “Key Case”has a compact yet suitable size to store multiple keys with 6 key hooks and a pocket.

“STRICT-G×PORTER Threefold Wallet Char Model” 17,600JPY (tax included)

Each item in the “STRICT-G×PORTER RED COMET Collection” will be on sale in all “STRICT-G” shops and the STRICT-G POP UP corner inside GUNDAM SQUARE, EXPOCITY, Osaka from Dec. 21, 2019. Pre-orders are available atthe “STRICT-G Online Store” in “Premium Bandai”. The scheduled delivery date is in the mid of Jan. 2020. (Some of the products have already sold out. Please check for details at the product page)

(C) Sotsu・Sunrise