Traditional crafts, such as “Kutani Ware” and “Echizen lacquer cups” in collaboration with “Mobile Suit Gundam” and Katsushika Hokusai have been released. Pre-order of “Mamezara (small dish)” and “a lacquer thermo mug umbrella bottle” are available on Premium Bandai until Dec.20.

The items are the 13th and 14th round of goods from “Discovery-G” series, which aims to spread traditions and fine techniques of Japanese traditions from “Gundam Cafe”, the information base of “Mobile Suit Gundam”.

The thirteenth good, “Kutani Yaki Mamezara” is using “Gundam” from “Mobile Suit Gundam” and “Unicorn Gundam” from “Mobile Suit Gundam UC” as motifs.
It is using the traditional “Kutani Ware” painting style to combine “Gundam” and “Unicorn Gundam” with Katsushika Hokusai’s works “Kanagawa Oki Namiura” and “Gaifu Kaisei” and cherry blossoms, which is Japan’s national flower.
Specially, the 7th plate, which has a strong design of “Gundam” and “Char’s Zaku” can be described as as an art work you can use in daily life.

The fourteenth good, “Echizen lacquer thermo mug umbrella bottle” is the combination of “Echizen lacquer cup”, which has history of more than 1,500 years, the modern-day life style brand “thermo mug”, and “Gundam” and is a new kind of kitchenware combining traditional art and utility.

The color of lacquer is black and red, and the design which combined “Gundam”‘s famous scene, the last shooting, and Katsushika Hokusai’s “Kanagawa Oki Namiura”, and the design which combined “Gundam” and “Char’s Zaku” like “Fujin Raijin” became the two types of this product. With the coloring of black and gold, and red and gold, and looks luxurious and modern.

Pre-orders of both items are available from Dec. 6, 2019 1:00pm to Dec. 20, 2019 on Premium Bandai, and the delivery is scheduled for Mar. 2020. The items will be sold on the real stores of “GUNDAM SQUARE” and “Gundam Cafe” from Dec. 21.

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