Dec. 6 is “Older Sister’s Day”.

There is a legend about Saint Nicholas, who is said to be the model for Santa Claus, that he saved his sister, and the date he died was Dec. 6. The anniversary was decided by the manga artist Hatada Kunio, who is also known as the person who decided on “Older Brother’s Day”, “Younger Brother’s Day” and “Younger Sister’s Day”.

There are various older sister type characters that appear in anime. Whether they are very reliable, or are slovenly that you wouldn’t think they were older, and sometimes they are not even blood related. Who is the most popular of all such older sister type characters?

At Anime! Anime! every year we conduct an annual reader survey titled “Who is your favorite older sister type character in anime?”
From Nov. 21 to Nov. 28, we received 133 responses.
The male-to-female ratio was about 40% for men and about 60% for women, with there being more responses from women. The age group was about 50% of responses being under the age of 19, and about 25% of those being in their 20s.

■ Shimura Tae from “Gin Tama” was chosen as the top older sister character
In 1st place was Shimura Tae from “Gin Tama”. Her approval rating was about 7%, which helped her move to the top place from her 2nd place finish last year.
She is the outlandish Shimura Shinpachi’s older sister. Popular as a strong and reliable older sister she received comments such as “A strong sister who works together with her brother to protect their dojo!” and “I think that she is an indispensable character in“ Gin Tama ”watching over the outlandish Shinpachi”.

In 2nd place was Ayase Eri from “Love Live! . Her approval rating was about 5%.
“It would be great if I had such a perfect older sister as her! I would like her to teach me about studying and dancing.” and “Despite being someone reliable, she can be a “klutz” in some occasion,, but the places where it overlaps are so attractive” the occasional misses that happen while being the head of the student council, also attract the fans.

In 3rd place is Hikawa Sayo from “BanG Dream!”. Her approval rating was about 4 %.
She received comments such as “She is the older of the twins and has a firm character, however I like her unexpected gentleness and sweetside.” and “Sometimes she gets beaten by his little sister, but it is so cute they way she shows them things!” Holding on to the appearance of having a complex with her sister who appears to be a genius also leaves a lasting impression.

■ Introducing other comments
Kochou Kanae from “Demon Slayer” with comments like “She is kind and quiet, however you can really tell she really cares about her younger sisters Shinobu and Kanawo”.
Shigeno Izumi from “Major” saying “She has a positive personality that she inherits from her father. She is an older sister who you can rely on giving a blasting to her brother”.

“Love Live! Sunshine !!”‘s Kurosawa Daiya with comments like “She always gives off a serious impression as the student council president, but when it comes to her younger sister Ruby, the was she loses all perspective of things going on around her is cute.”

Hoshino Miyako from “Wataten!:An Angel flew down to me!” voted as the the protagonist of a title that was broadcast in 2019, with comment such as “She is dexterous and it is amazing that she makes cosplay outfits herself ”.

Overall, there were various types of older sister characters that appeared in the questionnaire, such as those trying to act as older sister characters or not wanting to be relied upon as older sister characters. On the next page we will show all the results down to 20th place. Please check it out as well.

■ Top 20 Ranking
[What is your favorite sister character in the anime? 2019 edition]
1st place: ShimuraTae “Gin Tama”
2nd place: Ayase Eri “Love Live! ]
3rd place: Hikawa Sayo “BanG Dream!”
4th place: Okita Mitsuba “Gin Ttama”
4th place: Kochou Kanae “Demon Slayer”
6th place: Kurosawa Daiya “Love Live! Sunshine !!
6th place: Ram “Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World”
6th place: Lala Satalin Deviluke “To Love-Ru”
9th place: Katsu Kimari “Yuri !!! on ICE”
9th place: Ryo “KEMURIKUSA”
11th place: Nono Hana (Cure Yell) “HUGTTO! PRECURE”
11th place: Hoto Kokoa (Cocoa) “Is the Order a Rabbit? ”
11th place: Hoto Mocha “Is the Order a Rabbit? ”
14th place: Kenjou Akira (Cure Chocolat) “Kirakira PreCure a la Mode”
14th place: Misaka Mikoto “A certain Scientific Rail-gun”
14th place: Sango “Inu Yasha”
14th place: Takahashi Manami “Junjo Romantica”
14th place: Tanaka Saeko “Haikyuu !!”
14th place: Tendou Kasumi “Ranma 1/2”
14th place: Hirasawa Yui “K-ON! ]

(Survey period: Nov. 21 to Nov. 28, 2019)