The anime "ULTRAMAN" is scheduled to be broadcasted from Apr., 2020. The rock band OLDCODEX is in charge of making the new theme song for the anime. In addition, a new hero image banner has been announced, along with the original production of a short live-action PV film.

"ULTRAMAN" is the animated version of the manga of the same name by Shimizu Eiichi and Shitaguchi Tomohiro, serialized in the magazine "Monthly Heroes". The anime, transmitted on Netflix from Apr., 2019, will be broadcasted on TOKYO MX and BS11 from Apr., 2020.
The news have been announced during the opening ceremony of "TSUBURAYA CONVENTION 2019" at Tokyo Dome City on Dec. 14-15.

In the new key visual, along with the catchphrase "We are Ultraman!", all the Ultraman characters appear in a completely new layout, adding a different sort of charm from the previous installment. The music band OLDCODEX is in charge of the theme song, and also a new musical composition will be created from the same artist that made the first song for the broadcast on NETFLIX. After this announcement, people who have already appreciated the new production on Netflix are excited even more than before.

In addition, the original production of the first short live-action PV film for "ULTRAMAN" has been decided. The protagonist Hayata Shinjirou in the role of "ULTRAMAN SUIT", and Moroboshi Dan as "ULTRAMAN SUIT ver.7" (alias Ultraseven), will make the movie a great entertainment. This film is a fan participation project on the crowdfunding service Makuake. Further details will be provided in the next days.