Nov. 29 is “iifuku no hi” (“good clothes day”).
It is an anniversary established by the uniform manufacturers and signified by “1129” (which can be read in Japanese as “iifuku”, meaning good clothes.

There are plenty of organizations that appear in anime, but I think that many fans are paying attention to the uniforms worn by their members. In 2019 TV anime, there are many organizations with attractive uniforms and military uniforms, such as the Demon Slaying Corps from **Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba**, the Special Fire Fire from **Fire Force**, or the Survey Corps of **Attack on Titan**.

There are also special costumes worn only by some characters, making the screen gorgeous. Within such, which are the uniforms the fans want to wear the most?
To answer that, Anime! Anime! has conducted a reader survey titled “What uniforms would you like to wear?” During the answering period, from Nov. 14th to Nov. 21st, we received responses from 97 people.
The male-female ratio was about 25 % of men and 75 % of women, thus having better women participation. As for the age group, the participants were mainly young people, with 55 % of them under 19 years old and approximately 25 % in their 20s.

■ Demon-Killing Squad characters take the top with their popular and unique arrangement! Different arrangements for each character are popular!
The first place is for the Demon Slaying Corps from **Kimetsu no Yaiba**, getting around 13 % of approval rate.
As the name suggests, the Demon Slaying Corps is an organization that aims to destroy the demons. Members will be provided with a Western-style clothing branded with “滅” (exterminate) on the back.
According to the readers, “the clothes of the Demon Slaying Corps are fun because the arrangement is different and shows the personality of each individual person”, so that the reason for their popularity. There were also comments from the fans, for example one said that “the haori Shinobu wears makes you end up looking at the perfect, elegant movement of its butterfly pattern”.

The second place goes to **Gintama**’s Shinsengumi. The difference from the first place was extremely small.
Shinsengumi is a special unit for anti-terrorism that protects the security of Edo. The uniform consists on western black clothing that give a stylish image. We got some comments such as “I’m may be simple but if I got in it would be so cool” or “I want walk around the town of Edo in that uniform”. There seems to be many readers who want to become members of the Shinsengumi.

The third place is for “Attack on Titan”’s Survey Corps with about 6 % of support.
The Survey Corp’s uniform is characterized by the winged coat of arms on the back of the jacket. The three-dimensional maneuvering device worn during battle is also outstanding. We read comments such as “Any fan looking for a clean design that emphasizes lightness and mobility is longing for them!” and “I want to salute wearing the Survey Corps’ uniform”.

Introducing other comments
About **Fire Force**’s Special Fire Force it was said that “the blue line over the black background that can even be seen in the darkness is very impressive. The secret of the line spoken in episode 1 was wonderful.”
“That leukocyte is uniform is too handsome! It would be nice to be Erythrocyte and be cute, but I still want to do a couple’s costume!” was commented on white blood cell (Neutrophil), from **Cells at Work!**

On “Hakuouki” from Shinsengumi it was said that “even if you are not good at history, you probably know Japan is particularly famous for their uniforms. It does not matter if it is unflashy and simple clothes, the Shinsengumi uniform were widely known because of the great efforts of the soldiers wearing them at the time.

“Mobile Police Patlabor” Special Vehicle Section 2 also voted for the costumes of the masterpiece robot anime, getting comments such as “The combination of orange and scarlet was quite eye-cathing.

In the overall ranking, titles with strong action elements are listed at the top. It seems like wearing the same costume will deepen your ties with your friends, and you will enable you to overcome any pinch. The result makes one want to cosplay.

■ Ranking Top 10
“What uniforms would you like to wear?”
1st Demon Slaying Corps from Kimetsu no Yaiba**
2nd place Shinsengumi from **Gintama**
3rd Survey Corps from **Attack on Titan**
4th Library Team from **Library War**
5th Special Fire Force from **Fire Force**
6th Free Planets Alliance from **Legend of the Galactic Heroes**
6th 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion from **The Saga of Tanya de Evil**
6th Earth Federation Forces from **Mobile Suit Gundam ”
9th Anti Earth Union Group from **Mobile Suit Z Gundam**
9th: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Operations Department from **PSYCHO-PASS**
9th Science Guard from **The Ultraman**
9th Integrity Knights: Sword Art Online Alicization
9th Zero from **Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion**

(Response period: Nov. 14 to Nov. 21, 2019)