The 30 seconds promotion video for the movie 『 Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet 』 (Will be released on Apr. 17, 2020) is released. In addition, Akai family ” Forbidden Family Photo “, which shows the 4 members in an ” impossible” situation despite hiding their current existence from each other, is also revealed.

This movie is the 24th installment for the 『 Detective Conan 』 movie series. The 23rd movie earned a total of 9.32 billion yen, which is the highest profit out of the entire movie series, and the 7th movie in a row that has broken the highest profit.
An unprecedented big incident happens in the world’s biggest sports festival 「 WSG-World・Sports・Game- 」 , which is held once every four years, while it is being held in Japan. The world’s first 1,000km per hour invention 「 Superconducting Maglev Railway 」, which was created for the opening ceremony, is also involved in the incident. Akai Shuichi is monitoring the incident from afar and the FBI also appear, waiting for Akai’s order…

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The released promotion video starts with Conan’s line “Is he trying to kill the culprit!?”. After that, scenes such as: Okiya Subaru, who is Akai in disguise, is fighting with Sera, a serious expression on Haneda’s face, Mary with a sad expression, Kogorou, Ran and Haibara passed out in the midst of the white smoke and Akai Shuichi who appears with a bold smile while holding a rifle can be seen from the video. Together with the ” Forbidden Family Photo “, the story has content that will also attract more attention.

The movie 『 Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet 』 will be released nationwide on Apr. 17, 2020.

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