It has recently been revealed that popular group who sing in the idol training, rhythm and adventure game, "Tokyo 7th Sisters" will be dropping both their single and album together. Thats a total of 29 productions and 112 songs.

"Tokyo 7th Sisters" will be available on the subscription music streaming service, AWA. All the 29 CD albums and 112 songs (Seven Sisters, 777☆SISTERS, etc.) from the popular group's first mini album **t7s Re:Longing for Summer**, (2015), up until 777☆SISTERS 5th Single, released in Jun. 2019 **NATSUKAGE-夏陰-** will be made available.

Also, in commemoration of "Tokyo 7th Sisters", a connected production will be published on AWA's official anime account "AWA anime", a compilation playlist called "If you Listened to 'Tokyo 7th Sisters''s 7 Sis, You're a Tano Sis!".

"Tokyo 7th Sisters" will be released on AWA from November 20th 2019.