The heroine Rain Mikamura from "Mobile Fighter G Gundam", which celebrated its 25th anniversary of broadcast , became a figure in the "Gundam Girls Generation (GGG)" series. Currently reservations are accepted at "Premium Bandai".
In this product, Rain Mikamura from "G Gundam" was made into a 3D figure with total height of about 21cm, with her familiar costume in the work. Also take a look at her low necked dress bringing you to matured charme.
If you display it with the separately sold Gundam Guys Generation series Domon Kash as a pair, the world of G Gundam will be revived vividly.
The price of “GGG Mobile Fighter G Gundam Rain Mikamura” is 12,100 yen (tax included), and reservations are currently accepted at “Premium Bandai” and others.
When purchased at "Premium Bandai" or "MegaTre Shop", a visual sheet of the drawing of Rain is included as a limited benefit.

(C) Sotsu / Sunrise