With 『Mobile Fighter G Gundam』 reaching the 25th year since its first broadcast, Domon Kasshu, the protagonist, will be the latest addition to the line of 「Gundam Guys Generation」 figures; pre-order is available on 「Premium Bandai」.

The aforementioned product features Domon in his bold mantle and headband attire, holding the katana across his back in an undefeated pose: an approximately 22 cm tall fully painted static figure.
At the back of Domon’s right hand is the “King of Heart” Shuffle Crest, and the katana is none other than the “rusty sword” he received from Schwarz Bruder.

Additionally, those who purchase the figure from 「Premium Bandai」 and 「Megatrea Shop」 will also get a 「Memorial Picture (127 x 89 mm)」, based on the “Photo of Big Brother, Kyouji Kasshu” serving as Domon’s reminder to the tragedy, as an exclusive bonus.

「GGG Mobile Fighter G Gundam Domon Kasshu」 is priced at 13,200 yen (tax included). Pre-order is currently available on 「Premium Bandai」 while the product is scheduled to ship in March of 2020.

(C)Sotsu ・ Sunrise