The largest-scale girls-oriented event in Japan, “Animate Girls’ Festival 2019” (AGF2019) took place in Nov. 9 and 10, 2019, covering the entirety of Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district. All kinds of otome IPs sold their products and held events, and the total count of visitors, including the Downtown Project, outdid the last one by 111%, setting a record of 100,355 people. It was a huge festival.

This time, at AGF’s 10th anniversary, the main fair spread out in Ikebukuro – Sunshine City, 127 project booths were set up, surpassing the 121 of the last time. There were otome game and anime-related merchandise, events, and more. The annual Fountain Plaza Stage also held 10 stage events across 2 days. The Ikebukuro – Sunshine City fair entrant number counted 40,438 people, 104% compared to the last time.

But that was not all. Kashicomi, M4!!!!, Shall We Black Out?, as well as the official AGF2019 support unit Amasashio and other young voice actor units gathered at “Hareza Ikebukuro harevutai” at a special event to adorn the grand closing.
Furthermore, the projects collaborating with the district eateries, amusement centers, Toshima City Ikebukuro Park, Toshima Residents Square, Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas, and many more places participated in the district-encompassing and fun Downtown Project.

AGF will also open at the Osaka Satellite fair Nov. 16 to 18, 2019. Part of the limited merchandise sold at Ikebukuro Sunshine City and part of the main projects are planned to appear there. The details are available at the Osaka Satellite page of AGF2019 official site.

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