The solo visual of Kibutsuji Muzan, Tanjiro’s sworn eney and absolute ruler of the demons, acted by Sasaki Yoshihide has been released. We’ve also gathered comments from nine othe members of the main cast.

「Kimetsu no Yaiba」, the story about “siblings sympathizing with people and demons.,” is currently serialized in 「Weeky Shounen Jump」, with the series surpassing 1.2 million copies printed.

The setting is the Taishou era of Japan. Tanjirou, heated boy sells charcoal, came home one day and found his family masscared by demon. Furhtermore, his little sister Nezuko, the solo survivor, transformed into a demon. Despite deaten down by this hopeleses reality, Tanjiro decided to pursue the path of the “Demon Hunters” to return Nezuko back to being a human and to avenge the demon.

This time, the solo visuial if the pecliar and bewithching Kibutsuji Muzan is released. With this, all of nine main characters have finally been released. Other cuts is also released on 「Shounen Jump +」, and you can check them out.

【Kibutsuji Muzan played by Sasaki Yoshihide】

I’m super happy to play my favorite character of my favorite anime. We will definitely deliver the world of 「Kimetsu no Yaiba」 on stage, so please check out the play!

【Kamado Tanjirou played by Kobayashi Ryouta】

Love. I think this flows throughout this story more than anything else. I’m will love and fight as if all the cast participating in this works are like my family and friends.
Kamado Tanjirou. And his strong convictions. He inspires me. Please look forward to it!

【Kamado Nezuko played by Takaishi Akari】

I’m really grateful to be able to perform in this play.
Her fondness to her family, kindness and being absurdly cute and strong… how will I convey all these parts that you all adore? I’ll face you all head-on with Nezuko-chan with sincerity!

【Agatsuma Zenitsu played by Ueda Keisuke】

I had been reading 「Kimetsu no Yaiba」 even before the anime started. When I saw Zenitsu, I thought, “If it made it on stage play, aren’t I the best person to play him?” (haha), even striking a pose!
He might be a incompetent at times, but when he has to get down to it, he gets down to it! I want to act out this type of Agatsuma Zenitsu with my all!

【Hashibira Inosuke played by Satou Yugo】

When I was reading and watching the 「Kimetsu no Yaiba」 manga and anime, I know the contents didn’t change, but I got the impression that the way things were presented did.
The stage too, has its own advantages, and I want to make it the best production. Furthermore, I’ll do my best at my muscle training.

【Tomioka Giyuu played by Honda Reo】

There’s a lot of things that make 「Kimetsu no Yaiba」 that everyone love so muchso lovable.
I myself am a fan as well. I’m ecstatic that I can participate in this work.
I treasure the feelings I felt when I first started reading this, and such, I will play Tomioka carefully.

【Urokodaki Sakonji played by Takagi Tomoyuki】

I’m so grateful to be allowed to play the part of Urokodaki Sakonji, the role of an important 「trainer」. I’ll go to great lengths to bring the deep affection of Urokodaki Sakonji, whom I like, into existence on the stage. Please look forward to it.

【Tamayo played by Maihane Mimi】

I have been reading 「Kimetsu no Yaiba」, so I’m glad that it got a stage play adaptation!!
Though I love the pressure, I will strive with all my might to make this as lovable as the original and the animation. I’ll invite you all to the world of Kimetsu.

【Yushiro played by Satou Hisanori】

I liked it when I first read it when it began serialization, so I’m happy to be able to act at Yushiro.
I’d like to deliver the fun of the Kimetsu-verse without spilling a drop.
It’s for Tamayo’s sake that I will be doing my best.

◆Performance Details◆
Title 「Kimetsu no Yaiba」 Stage Play

Time ・ Theater
【Tokyo】 Jan. 18, 2020 (Saturday)~ Jan. 26, 2020 (Sunday) The Galaxy Theatre, Tennouzu
【Hyougo】 Jan. 31, 2020 (Friday) ~ Feb. 2 (Sunday) AiiA 2.5 Theater Kobe

Original Work 「Kimetsu no Yaiba」 Gotouge Koyoharu (Shueisha 「Shounen Jump」 Serialization)
Screenplay by/Directed by: Suemitsu Kenichi
Music by: Wada Shunsuke

(C) Gotouge Koyoharu / Shueisha
(C) 「Kimetsu no Yaiba」 Stage Play Production Committee 2020