From 「Pokemon」, the new Pokeball model with an LCD screen, 「Catch 'Em! Pokeball」 will be released on Nov. 16. It's an item that will let you feel the sensation of capturing a Pokemon.

「Catch 'Em! Pokeball」 give out noise, light and vibration. So, you can even enjoy the capturing judgement gimmick. There are over 300 Pokemon included. Even the newly announced Pokemon, Zacian, Zamazenta, Scorbunny, Sobble, Grookey, have been included.

The element of being a Pokemon trainer is included in playing. You can select stages like the 「Beginning Grassland」, 「Grand Sea」 and others.
At the selected stage, you do a dice-like roulette roll to get the number of spaces you will advance. You could land on squares like a Normal square, Electric square, Fire square and others, and the Pokemon that will appear corresponds with the square you land on.
When you reach the square, you can challenged the various capture challenges presented such as blowing into the Pokeball to clear away the fog and snow, call out to the Pokemon, and repeatedly tap the screen to break rocks.

When you foundfind a Pokemon, you will need to close the Pokeball while paying attention to when the color of the target icon changes. If your timing was spot on, you will catch the Pokemon, but if it was not, the Pokeball will open, signalling a failure.

When waiting to see if the Pokemon will be captured, you can enjoy the sound, light, and vibration that are well-known from the games and anime. You can record your pokemon in the Pokedex, a factor that will tickle fans' hearts. The release day will be Nov. 16. The price will be 6,990 JPY (tax not included).

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