In an abandoned school of Kurate town, Fukuoka Prefecture, North Kyushu on the beginning of October, famous Asian cosplayers were gathered and did a photo album shoot.
This is an inbound project 「NEXT COSPLAYER IN ASIA 2019」 which hold Vtuber activity and photo album production by original character of famous cosplayer.
“Kurate School” is an actual abandoned school ,which is located in Kurate town, Fukuoka province, and became the sacred ground of animation cosplayers. Starting from the abandoned school that put into an active place about three years ago, now it has become where a thousand cosplayers and animation fans visit anually.
Therefore, Kurate School’s virtual student character sthat based on famous Asian cosplayers were born. As an active Vtuber and character content titled virtual Kurate school student, it is popular among fans and social media.

Focused on more than 20 Asian cosplayers from Japan, China, and Taiwan, they have around 2.000.000 followersin total on social media.

Photo by: Nogi Akira (Twitter:@Osefly)