From 『Osomatsu-san the Movie』 and 『IT: Chapter Two』(Nov. 1 Road Show), a collaboration visual showing Osomatsu approaching IT’s demonic hands was released.
『IT: Chapter Two』 will be screened at the 「Halloween Screening Event」in Marunouchi Piccadilly, Tokyo on Oct. 31, the day before the release.

The collaboration visual released this time shows that the sextuplets from the Osomatsu family and their idol Totoko wondering into the world of 『IT』.
The silhouette of the already captured Chibita can be seen in the hands of IT while IT attempts to lure the 7 representative losers from JAPAN. Can the carefree Osomatsus survive their impending doom with their stupidity?

This collaboration was actualized from various miraculous commonalities between the 2015 TV anime 『Osomatsu-san』 and the 2017 movie 『IT』, such as “both having new works for the first time in 27 years since their previous works,” the main characters are composed of “ 6 men and 1 woman” in both works, and also the fact that the production company for 『Osomatsu-san』 was “Studio Pierrot.”

The contact person from Studio Pierrot commented on the collaboration visual 「The sextuplets unknowingly found themselves lost in the playful world of “IT.” Even accepting a balloon from Pennywise…! Something really horrible will happen afterwards… I hope they can overcome the trauma and win against Pennywise! Hold your stand, the six of you! Don’t lose, you losers! But it’s highly unlikely…they’re a bunch of natural-born losers after all…」. Furthermore, it was also revealed that a collaborative video with 『Osomatsu-san』 is currently in production.

IMAX version, 4D version, and dubbed version of the movie 『IT: Chapter Two』 will be released simultaneously on Nov. 1.

(C) Fujio Akatsuka/Osomatsu-san the Movie Production Committee 2019