“SUPER SHIRO” is a new story which is created from a popular anime “Crayon Shin-chan” with its character, Shiro, as the main character. “Super Shiro” is an exhilarating chasing comedy which Shiro runs after the unknown energy body, “Bobobobo-Bone” against the ingenious dog, Dekapu,aiming to conquer the world.

The first episode will be broadcast for free from 00:00 October 14th on AbemaTV and Video Pass. After that, a total of 48 episodes (5-minutes per episode) will be broadcast weekly only on AbemaTV and Video Pass.

[staff comments]

[Yuasa Masaaki (General Director)]
Shiro, who always appears in “Crayon Shin-chan” is actually working so hard behind the scenes! I want you to understand that he has a big mission, but his appearance and cuteness remain same as we know. So I would like you to enjoy how Shiro works hard with all his might.

[Shimoyama Tomohisa (Chief Girector)]
I want you to enjoy Shiro of the Nohara family as an unusual hero. Of course, Shiro is cute as usual, but this is a work that you can enjoy the fluttering comedy that you can enjoy. Thank you for your support to”SUPER SHIRO”.

[Mashiba Mari (Shiro role)]
He doesn’t bark, bite, or get angry! 27 years have passed since he was said to be “the conscience of the Nohara family”, Shiro becomes “SUPER SHIRO”! I enjoy the new world view of Shiro. Speed, gag, slapstick, affection, a little bit of sadness, will the Nohara family come out? or not?, etc …
Please come and play with us. On October 14th, let’s go looking for Bobobobo-Bone together ! I’m waiting for you ♪
[Otsuka Akio (hero narration)]
The Nohara family’s beloved dog, Shiro, has a very common name and spend very ordinary life. Although he is usually a lovely pet, he transforms into a Super Shiro, jumpping out of Crayon Shin-chan’s world and protects the world. I’m Otsuka Akio and would be happy to deliver Shiro’s feelings to everyone by playing Shiro’s role. From October 14th, The story will be started broadcast on AbemaTV and Video Pass. Please look forward to it, baby!

(C) Usui Yoshito / SUPER SHIRO Production Committee