「Masked Rider Ghost」 was made into a fihyre created by Kenji Ando with a ghostly appearance. It is scheduled for sale in general stores from September 28th 2019.

Ando participated in the production of 「S.I.C. Masked Rider Ghost Ore Damashii」. He is one of the two popular creators from S.I.C. series. Incorporated with a design and arrangement that reminds you of a ghost, with ghost-like interchangeable clear body parts included as well.

「Musashi Ghost」 and 「Yurusen」 are also arranged by Ando. A Ghost Change can also be done by interchanging 「Ore Damashii」 with 「Musashi Ghost」.

「S.I.C. Masked Rider Ghost Ore Damashii」 will be on sale from September 28, 2019 at general stores. The price is 12,960¥ (8% Tax included).

S.I.C. Masked Rider Ghost Ore Damashii
Price:12,960¥ (8% Tax included)
Release Date:September 28th 2019
Target Age:15 years old and above

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