A「Bookstore Tour Mystery Solving Game」based off the movie『HELLO WORLD』 will be held in bookstores in 17 areas throughout the nation on September 20th 2019. A simulated experience of the world of『HELLO WORLD』 with two stages, beginner and advanced.

『HELLO WORLD』is a brand new anime movie handled by『Sword Art Online』movement’s leading director Tomohiko Itou. The movie is set in Kyoto 2027, a sci-fi romance story following a highschooler protagonist Naomi Kensho forming a party with his future self, Naomi, to change the future avoiding the heroine Ichigyou Ruri’s tragedy.

The 「Bookstore Tour Mystery Solving Game」is challenge where firstly the customer is asked to purchase the kit from the register of the specified bookstores, choose a story and start solving the mystery by clearing various missions within the premise of the bookstore.
This time, anyone can enjoy the game with a perspective within the world of the movie for a short amount of time with the beginner edition「Him, Her and I~A Mysterious Three-Way Relationship~」, or indulge in the advanced edition where a gimmick related to a part of the movie is also incorporated with a repulsive feeling named 「Decipher the Most Complex Manual」.

Beginner edition kit is priced at 1,500¥(Tax Excluded)、Advanced edition 1,600¥(Tax Excluded). In addition to joining the event, participants will receive a “Clear Folder”fro the beginner edition and a “Ball pen” for the advanced edition.

「Movie『HELLO WORLD』 x Real Mystery Game」 will be held at bookstores in 17 areas nationwide from September 20th to November 20th. Please visit the dedicated website for further detailed information.

「Movie『HELLO WORLD』×Bookstore Tour Mystery Solving Game」
Beginner Edition「Him, Her and I~A Mysterious Three-Way Relationship~」、Advanced Edition「Decipher the Most Complex Manual」
Schedule:September 20, 2019(Fri)~November 20(Wed)
Area:Bookstores nationwide
【Kanto】Tokyo (Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Nakano, Hachioji), Chiba (Chiba), Saitama (Omiya), Kanagawa (Yokohama Minatomirai)
【Kansai / Shikoku】Aichi (Nagoya), Kyoto (Kyoto, Shijo), Osaka (Osaka), Hyogo (Kobe)
【Chuugoku/ Kyushu】Hiroshima (Hiroshima), Yamaguchi (Yamaguchi), Fukuoka (Hakata)
Entry Fee:Beginner Edition 1,500¥(Tax Excluded)
     Advanced Edition 1,600¥(Tax Excluded)
Bonus:A bonus will be given after purchasing the kit.
   Beginner Edition/One of three random clear files
   Advanced Edition/One of two random ball pens
Sales Location:Please purchase a kit at the bookstore cash register.
Reception Time:According to the business hours of each bookstore
Remarks:Reception hours may vary depending on the business hours of each bookstore. Please check the information of each bookstore in advance
Play Time:Beginner Edition 1~2 Hours、Advanced Edition 2~3 Hours (Estimated)
Target Bookstore:Please check the following list
Sponsor:Tohan Co., Ltd
Project Production:Haregake Co., Ltd (NAZO×NAZOTheater Company)
(C)2019「HELLO WORLD」Production Committee