The Blu-ray & DVD of the movie “HELLO WORLD”, which was released in theaters in Sep. 2019, will be on sale on Apr. 8, 2020. Prior to the release, a part of the commentary video featuring Kitamura Takumi (the voice of the protagonist), the heroine Hamabe Minami, and director Itou Tomohiko has been revealed.

The movie “HELLO WORLD” was released in Sep. 2019 as a “high-speed ​​sci-fi adolescent love story”. Directed by Itou Tomohiko, who is known for “Sword Art Online”, it is an animated movie brought to life by Kitamura Takumi, Matsuzaka Toori, and Hamabe Minami, whose characters were illustrated by the animator Horiguchi Yukiko (known for the series “K-On!”).

Prior to the release, a part of the commentary video featuring Kitamura Takumi, Hamabe Minami, and Itou Tomohiko, which is included in the BD Special Edition, has been released. During the talk session, Kitamura remarked, “I was able to feel sympathy towards the sincere words of the protagonist. I think that such a high level of sympathy doesn't exist in an actor's life”.

Also, Itou Kentarou, who plays the rival of Agetarou called DJ Yashiki Kurouto, was chatting with staff while in a relax mode, and Iseya Yuusuke, who plays the teacher of Agetarou called DJ Oily, was taking a rest with his hands on the back of his head. Finally, the "ultimate chill out scene" is where Kitamura had been drinking the tea together with Katou Ryou, Asaka Kouta, Kurihara Rui, Maehara Kou, who play the friends of Agetarou called "3rd. Gen Brothers. Furthermore, to celebrate the release of the movie and "meat day" (29th), on "Jump Channel" on YouTube, the streaming of episode 1 of the anime "Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro" has started for free. The episode 1 depicts Agetarou meeting the girl of destiny and determines to become "Tonkatsu DJ", and the episode itself depicts faithfully recreates the scene in the manga when he realizes the common characteristic between "tonkatsu" and "DJ". The live-action movie "Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro" will be released on Jun. 19 2020 in theaters nationwide.