“ONE PIECE Edo Kiriko Glasses” is a collaboration between 「ONE PIECE」 and Japanese traditional “Edo Kiriko” has been announced. The lineup includes four models inspired by characters “Luffy”, “Law”, “Ace”, and “Shanks”in the four seas located each in west, north, east and south that spread throughout the world of ONE PIECE.

The “Kompeki no Koro (The Blue Sky) / Luffy Model” is designed by a wave pattern that repeats on cool blue irokise glass in the image of the New World line. It is engraved with a pirate flag of the Straw Hat in front and the Thousand Sunny mark on the other side.

“Kurenai no Kizuato (The Red Scar) / Shanks model” is designed by an original pattern inspired by the scars of Shanks, where many lines cross wildly to create a trajectory of intense battle. Its color is deep and beautiful red after “red hair”. On the front, it is drawn with the pirate flag of the Red Hair Pirates, and the straw hat left for Luffy on the other side.

“Tomoshibi no Requiem (The Orange Fire Requiem) / Ace Model” is a bright orange Edo Kiriko that expresses the burning flame with a skillful cut to symbolize Ace’s strong will. On the front, it is designed with a horny skull and an Ace’s tattoo, and the pirate flag of the Whitebeard Pirates on the other side.

“Kohaku no ROOM (The Surgery Room of Amber) / Law Model” Inspired by Law’s ability to dominate and operate the space, the repeating dome-shaped semicircle is expressed with the elaborate cut work. A mysterious space just like the ROOM spreads within the glass. The color is chic amber. On the front, it is designed with the pirate flag of the Heart Pirates, and the corazon mark on the other side.

All four types are limited to 999 for each, and the edition numbers are engraved on the bottom. Also, it will be delivered in a high-quality paulownia box with a commemorative logo for **ONE PIECE** the 20th anniversary.

The price for each is 29,800 yen (excluding tax and shipping), and will be on sale from Aug. 26 on the PREMICO online shop. It will be shipped around early September.

(C) Oda Eiichiro / Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation