Chopper’s Japanese sweets appear from the latest movie release of “One Piece”. It is a character-shaped sweet known as “Tabemas” which will be sold at 7-Eleven nationwide from August 24th.

“Tabemas” is an abbreviation of “Taberareru Mascot” (edible mascot), a Japanese confectionery brand that turns characters into sweets with filling, sugar, and rice cakes. It is a new type of Japanese confection which makes you “it’s too cute I don’t wanna eat it!” feeling toward these lovely edible characters.
So far, character sweets based on Snoopy, Disney Characters, Rilakkuma, Kirby of the Stars, Doraemon, Sanrio Characters, and Yokai Watch have been released.

This time, the famous Chopper of One Piece is making an appearance with his whole body as Japanese sweets. The first line up brings back Chopper from 2 years ago with his pink hat, 「Tabemas ONE PIECE Chopper」 (Sakura flavor). The next one is 「Tabemas ONE PIECE Chopper, Sparkly Eyes ver.」 (Chocolate flavor) which recreates his appearance 2 years after the Summit War with a blue hat.

As the name itself, “Edible Mascot”, the sweet is created as an adorable figure of Chopper sitting down while he looks up diagonally, with a total length of about 40mm.

「Tabemas ONE PIECE Chopper」 base price is 258 yen (excluding tax) each. It will be sold at 7-Eleven nationwide from August 24th.

(C) Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation