“Cinnamoroll’s Idol LOOKBOOK,” a Happy Kuji Lottery in which you can win original design goods of Sanrio’s popular character “Cinnamoroll,” will be available at Seven-Eleven and Ito-Yokado stores from April 7, 2023.

Cinnamoroll is a white dog boy who was born on a distant cloud in the sky. One day, when he was flying up from the sky, his sister at “Cafe Cinnamon” found him, and they decided to live together. He was given the name “Cinnamon” because his tail curls up like a cinnamon roll.

This year’s theme is “Cinnamoroll as an Idol” and features 10 different Cinnamorolls, including costumes during live performances such as Prince Costume, Gothic Lolita Costume, Hip-Hop Costume, and Live Encore Costume, as well as off-stage appearances such as recordings, online live performances, dance lessons, and make-up sessions. The original designs are only available through Happy Kuji Lottery.

The special prize, a BIG plushie (total of 1 type), is a plushie dressed in a prince-like costume and stands approximately 34 cm tall, making a big impact.
The figure prize (10 types in total) is based on the image of Cinnamoroll’s LOOKBOOK, which features Cinnamoroll in various poses such as during a live performance, during practice, and off-duty.

Other prizes include a convenient multi-pouch prize (4 types) that can easily hold a penlight, a pouch prize (4 types) that is fun to display figures and plush toys in, and an acrylic charm prize (10 types) with the same design as the figure prize but with glittery lamé.
No matter which prize you win, you will be happy with this Happy Kuji Lottery original product.

In addition, a BIG cushion in the shape of Cinnamoroll’s face with its ears tied (one type in all) was prepared as the Last prize, which can be obtained on the spot when the last one in the lottery is drawn at each store.

Happy Kuji Lottery “Cinnamoroll’s Idol LOOKBOOK” will be available at Seven-Eleven and Ito-Yokado stores from April 7.

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