From the TV anime “Migi to Dali”, the key visual that gives a glimpse of the uniqueness of the twins & 2nd PV with classmates have been unveiled. On the official Twitter, follow&RT campaign have officially been launched.

“Migi to Dali” is a mysterious story about bad boys that is based on the manga by Sato Nami, “Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto”, which was made into an anime in 2016.
Set in Origon Village, a new town modeled after an American suburb in Kita-ku, Kobe City, in 1990. In this town where wealthy residents live, a boy named Hitori is adopted by the Sonoyama family. Although the couple is enchanted by the beautiful and smart boy, he has a big secret and purpose.

Hitori is actually the twins, Migi and Dali. They live as “a boy” and switch places and work together to seek the truth behind their mother’s death, which happened in Origon Village. What are the secret and purpose? You won’t be able to catch your eyes off from the story with the supurb switching technique and mystery.

The key visual depicts Migi and Dali that were adopted to the Sonoyama family. They resemble each other as twins, but the visual also shows their uniqueness.
The 2nd teaser PV shows Hitori, Migi and Dari, and his classmates Akiyama Shunpei, Tsutsumi Maruta, and Ichijo Eiji. Check out their rich expressions.

From 5pm on March 26, 2nd follow&RT campaign has been launched on the official Twitter account. A lucky winner among those who follow the account and retweet the applicable post, will be given the 7 volumes comic and a radio flyer with Sato Nami’s handwritten autograph. Please check it out.

(C)Sato Nami, KADOKAWA / Beavers