TV anime “Aquarion” announced the broadcast of its fourth series titled “Sousei no Aquarion: Myth of Emotions”. A teaser visual and a trailer have also been released.

The “Aquarion” series is a popular robot anime that depicts mergers under the theme of “Gattai.” “Sousei no Aquarion: Myth of Emotions,” announced this time, is the fourth and latest work in the series.

The teaser visual depicts a heroic figure of the new Aquarion as it unleashes its fists, and the trailer released together includes images of the previous series.
In addition, Kawamori Shoji, the original author of this series, released a comment.

Let’s look forward to hearing more about the magnificent story of this anime titled “Myth of Emotions.”

Kawamori Shoji (Original Author)
I am delighted to introduce a new Aquarion series. It has been 18 years since the broadcast of the first series, and I am grateful to the staff and cast members, and of course, the fans who have supported us, who have “merged” their power to keep the series running for such a long time.

The Aquarion series is a story in which characters with diverse personalities “merge” while taking advantage of their unique abilities.
We have created a variety of Aquarion based on the theme, “If we merge, the world will change.” In the fourth series, we hope to deliver a world that no one has seen before with a new team. Please look forward to the broadcast.

Let’s “Gattai” everyone!!!