In commemoration of the broadcast of the movie “Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash”, “Mark x MS times” and “Fake Mafty items” have been announced. The gorgeous lineup of eight items is now available for pre-order on Bandai’s character fashion website “Bandai Fashion Collection”.

“Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash” is based on the novel by Tomino Yoshiyuki set 33 years after “Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counter Attack”, which depicted the final battle between Amuro and Char, and carries on the world.
The film weaves together the new battles taken on by “Mafty” the anti-Earth Federation movement and the crossing fates of Mafty’s leader Hathaway Noa, the mysterious girl Gigi Andalusia, and Earth Federation Captain Kenneth Sleg. The film will be broken down to 4 parts and broadcast as the TV edition from January 15, 2023.

The “Mark x MS items” are designed with the marks and Mobile Suits from the Gundam Series, and this time, Earth Federation x Penelope and Mafty x Xi Gundam have been designed. They come in T-shirts and hoodies with two designs each, all with subtle designs suitable for everyday use.

The “Fake Mafty items” are designed with the fake Mufty from the film, featuring the character with the memorable pumpkin head. The lineup includes T-shirts, Hoodies, Towels, and Connecting Acrylic Charms. The T-shirts and Towls have an interesting design, which looks like the Mafty mark from a distance, but can see the fake Mafty mask when getting up close.

The “Mark x MS items” and “Fake Mafty items” from the film “Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash” are available for pre-order on “Bandai Fashion Collection” until 11pm, February 15, 2023 (JST), and are scheduled for shipping in March 2023. Check out each item’s webpage for details.

(C) Sotsu, Sunrise