New goods, featuring the TV anime “Chainsaw Man”, will be released in late December 2022 and late January 2023 from “Canaria”, an anime and game related goods planning/production company.

“Chainsaw Man” is a dark hero action based on manga by Fujimoto Tatsuki, the 2nd part of which is currently serialized in “Shonen Jump +” and has 16 million copies in circulation.
Denji, who lives as a Devil Hunter with Pochita also known as the “Chainsaw Devil”, is betrayed and killed while living in poverty due to his parents’ debt. Losing his consciousness, Denji makes a contract with Pochi and revives as “Chainsaw Man” with a heart of devil. He is appointed to a Devil Hunter by the Special Division of Public Safety Devil Hunters, which aims to fight against Devils, and engages in his duty.

From the TV anime “Chainsaw Man”, new goods will be released in late December 2022 and late January 2023, and sold at anime goods specialty stores, online stores, and others.

The lineup for late December consists of “Acrylic Diorama Stand (6 varieties)”, which is suitable for a decoration and smartphone stand, “Big Acrylic Key Chain (8 varieties)”, which has a strong presence even on a tote bag, and the sticker series “Petamania S (8 varieties)”.

The lineup for late January consists of “Big Rubber Strap (5 varieties)”, which is cute both as a decoration and accessory, the Pins series “Cana Pins (5 varieties)”, and the plushie series “Koromania (6 varieties)”.

Hope you enjoy the world-view of “Chainsaw Man” currently on air.

(C) Fujimoto Tatsuki / Shueisha, MAPPA