From “SPY×FAMILY”, printed sweets featuring “Winter“ have been announced. Pre-orders are available on the “PRIROLL” official website.

“SPY×FAMILY” is based on a comedy manga written by Endo Tatsuya and serialized on the manga app “Shonen Jump+”.
The story follows “Twilight,” a talented spy required to “form a family and infiltrate a prestigious primary school,” camouflaging himself as a psychiatrist Loid and creating a “false family” with a psychic Anya, whom he adopted as a daughter, and an assassin Yor, whom he married by contract, to accomplish his mission.

The TV anime is also booming right now with its 1st cour being broadcast from April 2022, featuring Eguchi Takuya as Loid, Tanezaki Atsumi as Anya, and Hayami Saori as Yor, and 2nd cour being broadcast from October 1, with additional cast, a big white dog named Bond.

The recently announced item is “Winter Pri Cake 2022 (5 varieties)”. The varieties include the design solely with Loyd, Yor, or Anya, or the Forger family. An original tin badge will be given per cake.

Furthermore, you can choose “whipped cream” or “chocolate cream” for the cake with a lot of sweet-tart strawberries.

How about spending your Christmas with “SPY×FAMILY”, which you can enjoy both looking at and tasting.

“Winter Pri Cake 2022 (5 varieties)” is priced at 5,508 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are available on the “PRIROLL” official website.

(C)Endo Tatsuya / Shueisha, SPY X FAMILY Production Committee