From “SPY×FAMILY” comes a “bang barrette” with Anya’s face designed. Pre-orders are now accepted at the hobby store “amiami.”

“SPY×FAMILY” is a spy × action × unique family comedy based on the manga series by Endo Tatsuya, which is currently serialized in “Shonen Jump +” and has sold more than 21 million copies. A top-secret mission to “infiltrate a social gathering at a prestigious school attended by the son of a key figure in a hostile country in order to make contact with him” leads Loid, disguised by a skilled spy named “Twilight,” to form a temporary family. The anime depicts Loid’s daughter Anya, a psychic, and his wife Yor, an assassin, living together while hiding their true identities from each other.

The first TV anime series broadcasted in April 2022, with Eguchi Takuya as Loid, Tanezaki Atsumi for Anya, and Hayami Saori as Yor. The anime gathered attention for having Official Hige Dandism for the OP and Hoshino Gen did the ED songs. The second season will air from October 1.

“SPY×FAMILY” now offers a set of two “Bang Barrette” each featuring a smiling and a crying Anya. The “Bang Barrette Anya A: Smiling Face” features Anya with a normal face and a smiling face, while the “Bang Barrette Anya B: Crying Face” features Anya with a normal face and a crying face.

“SPY×FAMILY Bang Barrette” is priced at 880 yen each (tax included.) Pre-orders are available at the hobby store “amiami.” The release is scheduled for late October.

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