As the commemoration on the new “ONE PIECE” movie, “ONE PIECE FILM RED” (shown at the theaters from August 6, 2022), the collaboration watch with the watch company Seiko has become real. Only 2,000 watches are now on sale at “PREMICO Online Shop” from July 25, 2022.

“ONE PIECE” is a legendary manga by Oda Eiichiro, which started serialization from 1997 and currently marked the sale over 490 million copies around the world. It is the story of the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, who goes onto the adventure, looking for “One Piece”, the treasures hidden by the golden pirate called Goal D. Roger.

The broadcast of TV anime started from October 1999, and had marked 1,000 episodes on November 21, 2021. In addition to the release of the new movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED”, the story of Shunks’s daughter Uta, on August 6, 2022, the original live-action drama “One Piece” is also scheduled on Netfilx.

This product “Seiko ONE PIECE FILM RED Release Commemoration Watch” has printed Red-Haired Pirates’s logo at 12 o’clokc and the movie logo, “O” with Straw Hat Pirates, at 6 o’clock.
Moreover, the diva Uta’s mark is printed at 9 o’clock, and the musical notes the waves on a second hand represented Uta’s singing voice, which is on “another level”.

Furthermore, since 2,000 of this model are produced, the edition number from 1 to 2,000 are carved on the back side of the watch. The “ONE PIECE FILM RED” logo is printed on the outside, and will be shipped in the special red box, with golden Straw Hat Pirates logo being carved.

“Seiko ONE PIECE FIL RED Release Commemoration Watch” is priced at 44,800 JPY (tax excluded) for 2,000 models only. The pre-order is available at “PREMICO Online Shop” and shipping is scheduled on December 2022.

© Oda Eiichiro/Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Aniamtion
© Oda Eiichiro/2022 “One Piece” Production Committee