‘Migi and Dali’, the latest work by Nami Sano, the author of ‘Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto’, will be adapted into an anime. The teaser visual and information on the production staff have now been released. Along with the news, a teaser site and official Twitter account have also been set up.

‘Migi and Dali’ is a mystery story about two children by Nami Sano, the author known for ‘Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto.’ The year is 1990, in the village of Origon, a new town modeled after an American suburb, a boy named Hitori is adopted by the wealthy Sonoyama couple. However, the true identity of Hitori is two brothers, Migi and Dali, switching their roles to play Hitori to find out the truth about their mother’s death–

The teaser visual, showing the back view of the two, was drawn by Ayumi Nishihata, who also serves as the character designer. It depicts the two looking down on the village of Origon, the setting of the film, and the moment they vow revenge.
Staff information was also released. Mankyu, who is known for “Sumikko Gurashi: The Movie Sumikko Poppy Book and Himitsu no Ko”, will be in charge of the direction and series composition while FRONTIER ENGINE x GEEKTOYS produce the animation.

In addition, a teaser site and official Twitter account have been opened, so please check them for the latest updates.

(C)Nami Sano, KADOKAWA/Beavers