The second series of sticker wafers with original illustrations from the TV anime “HUNTER x HUNTER” is now available. The 20-piece set is now accepting pre-orders at the “Candy Online Shop” in Premium Bandai, the official mail order website of the Bandai Namco Group.

HUNTER x HUNTER” is an adventure battle anime that depicts the upright and passionate hero, Gon, who aims to become the world’s best hunter while deepening his bonds with his friends. The original manga by Togashi Yoshihiro has been serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” since 1998, attracting many readers with its unexpected story developments, complex settings, and detailed worldview and characters.

The “Niformation HUNTER x HUNTER Sticker Wafers vol. 2” is part of the “Niformation” series that expresses the charm of the work with two-head high, chibi-style illustrations. This is the second series with HUNTER x HUNTER’s original illustrations.

The lineup includes 9 Normal, 9 Rare, 6 Super Rare, 4 Hunter Rare, and 2 Double Hunter Rare, for a total of 30 stickers. The Double Hunter Rare is stamped with gold foil and glows in the dark. Purchasers can also enjoy the cocoa cream-flavored wafers while collecting the stickers.

The price is 2,200 yen (tax included) for a pack of 20 wafers. Pre-orders are now available at the “Candy Online Shop” within Premium Bandai until the number reaches the limit, and the shipping is scheduled for November 2022.