The pre-orders for the new goods of “SPRIGGAN”, new series of animation arrived at Netflix, has started at Village Vanguard Online. Variety goods for daily use have assembled at the line-up.

“SPRIGGAN” is an adventure originally written by Takashige Sora and drawn by Minagawa Ryouji from 1989 to 1996 on “Weekly Shonen Sunday”. This is one of the legendary series in 1990’s, and the total sale of the manga had marked 10 million copies.
The story depicts the life of the protagonist Ominae Yuu, who works as “SPRIGGAN”, a title given for a special agent at “ARCAM”, the association to seal the heritage from the ancient civilization.

The anime is exclusively streamed on Netflix, with 6 episodes (45 minutes each). It has made the top of “Today’s TV Program TOP 10 (Japan)” on June 23, 2022. The series is still drawing a great attention after more than 30 years have passed since the beginning of the serialization.

New goods are inspired by ARCAM, the organization to seal the heritage from the ancient civilization. “ARCAM Member Acrylic Prepaid Transportation Pass Case” is similar to ARCAM’s ID cards. The case turns into the ID if you insert a personal certificate with your photograph. The price is 1,650 JPY.

“ARCAM Pins” has a symbol printed on it. It works as a great accent to your outfit and your formal suit. The price is 1,100 JPY. “ARCAM Patch (removable) 2 sets” will make you feel as you are the agent from the organization and price is 1,650 JPY. “ARCAM Rubber Mat” will turns your desk into the office desk at ARCAM. The price is 3,850 JPY.

“ARCAM Multi-purpose Pouch“ is the best item to organize small belongings in your bag. It has several places to separate and store your items. The price is 1,980 JPY.
“ARCAM Foldable Stainless Mug” looks like a real mug used at ARCAM and the price is 1,980 JPY.
“Message Plate Acrylic Keychain” is a maniac item, which turned the plate used in the series into a keychain. The price is 1,320 JPY.

“Highly-shining Tin Badge” is a high-spec tin badge, which keeps shining for 6 hours after charging for 10 minutes.
“GG3 Durable Sticker ARCAM” can be used even for items with rough items, due to high duality and material. Both items are priced at 880 JPY.
“ARCAM AGENT T-Shirt” comes with 3 sizes; Medium, Large, and Extra-Large. Price is 3,520 JPY each (all tax-included). The Shipping is scheduled on October 2022.

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