From the theatrical anime “Rakudai Witch,” produced by Production I.G and to be screened in the spring of 2023, the first special trailer has been released. You can get a glimpse of the characters and where their adventures take place.

“Rakudai Witch” is based on a series of children’s books of the same title written by Narita Satoko, illustrated by Senno Enaga, and published by Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd. The main character is Fuka, an apprentice witch who is always making mistakes but is actually the princess of a magical country, Silver Castle. The story depicts the exciting adventures of Fuka and her friends as they train at a magic school, and a little bit of her first romance.

Starting with the first novel, “Rakudai Witch is a Princess,” which won the “1st Dream Smash! Grand Prize,” a total of 18 titles have been published to date, with the whole series having sold more than 1.6 million copies. The charming characters and the epic storyline involving the past and future of a magical country are widely popular among both children and adults.

Directed by Hamana Takayuki, this film is written by Yoshimura Kiyoko, and the character design is by Sugita Marumi. The first special trailer released this time gives fans a glimpse of the main character, the witch Fuka, and other characters, as well as the magical country full of wonders where their adventures take place.

The theatrical anime “Rakudai Witch” will be released in the spring of 2023. This is the first anime adaptation of the original work 15 years after its first publication. Stay tuned for further information.

(C) Narita Satoko, Senno Enaga, Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd./Anime
“Rakudai Witch” Production Committee