A new lineup of “Pokémon T-shirts – Diglett’s Eco-Friendly T-shirts” will be added to “Pokémon Shirts,” a service that allows customers to order their own personalized shirts, on June 10. Ahead of the launch, a concept movie and YouTube Live streaming have started.

“Pokémon T-shirts” allow customers to create their own T-shirts by selecting fabrics, badges, and sizes. The badges can be selected from 15 different Pokémon from “Pokémon: Red and Green,” including Pikachu, Gengar, and Snorlax, and can be attached to the left chest, right sleeve, right front hem, and left back hem in up to four locations.

There are two fabrics to choose from: Washi (Japanese paper) and recycled suvin cotton. Washi is a knitted fabric using Japanese paper fibers, and natural fibers are also used for the name, sewing thread, and wash label, making it a gentle material that can be returned to the ground.

Recycled Suvin Cotton is recycled from fallen cotton that would normally be discarded during spinning. It is blended with organic cotton and revived to become a sustainable material.

Prior to the launch, a concept movie “Diglett’s Eco-Friendly T-Shirt,” set in a mysterious forest where Diglett lives, was released.
The Pokémon illustrated book says, “After Diglett passes through, the earth is cultivated moderately and becomes the best field,” and the movie depicts how the ground is naturally cultivated and the T-shirt returns to the ground before long, just as it should be. This 70-second video depicts the mysterious relationship between Diglett and the T-shirt, accompanied by joyful music.

A YouTube live streaming “Ganbare, Diglett!” has also started. This is how it works: Diglett reacts to users’ comments, and the number of T-shirts that are returned to the ground increases. It is said that there may be a special prize depending on the number of T-shirts.

“Pokemon T-shirt”
Material: Japanese paper and recycled suvin cotton
Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
Customizable parts: 4 patches (left chest, right cuff, right front hem, left rear hem)
Price: Japanese paper: 13,200 JPY and up (tax included/shipping charges not included)
Recycled suvin cotton: 9,350 JPY and up (tax included, shipping not included)
Option: For Washi T-shirt only, the badge can be moved to the next T-shirt.

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