Sanrio Puroland has announced a new special parade with the theme of “weather” that will be performed from May 21, 2022. Characters in raincoats will appear in the parade for the first time, and umbrella-themed items will be available, making the parade even more enjoyable.

“Rainbow Drops –The Story of Rain and Friends–” will be the first parade in which characters in raincoats appear in the rain-free, all-weather Puroland.
The story begins with Sanrio characters, including Cinnamoroll, who celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2022, holding a fun sky party with the sky fairies, and a sudden outburst of rain sets off a story of rain and friends.

During the parade, guests can also participate in dancing using items such as the miniature umbrellas “Umbrellan♪” and original charms “Charms for Umbrellan♪”, and the characters will appear in matching raincoats at the end. The parade will feature a heartwarming original story with a message of “respect each other and cherish ourselves as we are”.

“Rainbow Drops –The Story of Rain and Friends–” will be performed at Sanrio Puroland from May 21.
As part of the measures to prevent COVID-19, the parade will be held after the park closes, with all seats reserved. For details, please visit the special page.

(Reserved Seat Tickets with Gifts)
Platinum Seats: 20,000 JPY
・1 of 2 types of “Umbrellan♪” (distributed at random)
・Original postcard & postcard case
・Original printed mask (1 kind)
・Original mask case 1 of 2 kinds (distributed at random)
・Original shopper

Front row seats: 4,500 JYP
SS seats: 3,500 JPY
S seats: 2,500 JPY
A seats: 1,000 JPY
First floor standing seats: 2,000 JPY
Second floor standing seats: 2,000 JPY
Wheelchair seats: 2,000 JPY
・Original printed mask (1 kind)
・Original mask case 1 of 2 kinds (distributed at random)
*The lineup of gifts will change periodically.
(Tickets without gifts/purchased on the day at Puroland)
Same-day seats: 1,000 JPY