The latest information on the music animation project “Rhapsody” by Rockin’on Group, which is in charge of the music festivals “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL” and “COUNTDOWN JAPAN” and publishes magazines “rockin’on”, “ROCKIN’ON JAPAN” and “CUT” has been released. The first episode of the voice drama withf the main character band Pink Flag has been unveiled.

“Rhapsody” is a new project promoted by Rockin’on Group with the idea of “Playing rock with music, animation and stories”.
Under “Rhapsody” are gathered “Fate-locking four-members band” Pink Flag, “Explosive deathblow, high school loud rock” Spring cross, “Rainbow-crossing childhood friend folk unit” Bluebird, and “Digitally Dream-Spinning Brothers EDM Duo” System of Romance will be shown in various multimedia such as songs, live performances, voice dramas, and animations telling stories of sadness and hope of 4 bands.

This time, following the MV of the project trailer “Rhapsody Super MV” and Pink Flag’s first song “Chapter 2”, the first episode of Pink Flag’s voice drama has been released.
It tells the story of how solitary singer Mochino Kazuma (CV: Suetsugu Jun), the guitarist Mikai Itsuo (CV: Terashima Junta), who once made a major debut but is now active as an indie, the bassist Kitase Taku (CV: Yanagi Kohei), and the drummer Kosegawa Shinta (CV: Masumoto Takuya) met each other.

“Rhapsody” will continue to release new songs and stories from time to time. Please wait for the follow-up reports.