“BANANA FISH: The Stage Part 2”, a stage play based on the manga “BANANA FISH”, opened on January 20th, 2022 at the Stellar Ball of Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Tokyo. In line with the opening, the official website disclosed pictures from the public dress rehearsals and comments from the two starring actors; Kenta Mizue (Ash Lynx) and Raimu Okamiya (Eiji Okumura).

“BANANA FISH: The Stage” is a stage play based on “BANANA FISH,” a timeless masterpiece by Akio Yoshida that was made into a TV anime in 2018. Going beyond the spatial limit, the stage play realizes the story on a monumental scale.
With a drastic story development, Part 2 will be filled with breathtaking action scenes one after another and the emotional interaction between the characters, heading towards the story ending with overwhelming passion.

The sequel of the “BANANA FISH” series will be filled with breathtaking action and emotional interaction between the characters as the story runs toward the ending scene in overwhelming zeal and passion.

The archive of the performance on January 20th is currently available. In addition, the last performance on February 6th will be live-streamed and archived. Watch the stage until the end to see the boys risking their lives to defy their fate.

(Comments from Cast)

— Mizue Kenta as Ash Lynx
It was an honor to be a part of this work as an actor and a person, and it meant a lot to me. As an actor, I will face the role sincerely until the end. “BANANA FISH: The stage Part 2”, a work which all of us put our hearts and souls into, has finally opened its curtains. Thank you so much for your support!

— Raimu Okamiya as Eiji Okumura
The rehearsals for Part 2 made me realize the difficulty and nobleness of caring for someone and providing them unconditional love. Working for this stage play made me think that I want to be as caring as the characters of “BANANA FISH”. As Eiji, I am ready to enjoy the world of “BANANA FISH” and support Ash until the end. Thank you so much for your support!

(C) Akio Yoshida・Shogakukan/ “BANANA FISH The Stage” Production Committee