“Pretty Cure Card Wafer 5 (20 packs)”, which are wafer with the “Pretty Cure” themed card, has been announced. Pre-orders are currently available on “Premium Bandai”.

Pretty Cure is a transforming-heroine action anime that features ordinary girls, who become able to transform into the legendary warriors Pretty Cure, fighting against powerful enemies.
The latest work “Delicious Party Pretty Cure”, which will start on February 6, 2022, is the 19th installment in the Pretty Cure series that started in 2004. The latest work has a theme of “food”, and it was announced that the Pretty Cures are voiced by Hishikawa Hana, Shimizu Risa, Iguchi Yuka, etc.

The announced product “Pretty Cure Card Wafer 5 (20 packs)” is the 5th wafer series with the card of the successive Pretty Cures. It even features the character from the latest work as well.

The original illustrations with strong commitment to the composition and coloring will be depicted in the luxurious metallic plastic card. These cards can only be obtained from this product, and some of the cards will have gold foil stamping along with HR (Heroine Rare) cards.

“Pretty Cure Card Wafer 5 (20 packs)” is priced at 2,640 JPY (Tax included) and pre-orders are currently available on “Premium Bandai”.

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