The collaboration event between “Gintama” and Asakusa Hanayashiki, Tokyo has started on December 20, 2021.

The TV anime “Gintama” is based on the popular same-name manga by Sorachi Hideaki that was serialized on “Weekly Shounen Jump” with more than 55 million copies in circulation. The TV adaptation was released in 2006, and it had been broadcast for 13 years with breaks in between. This anime also features a gorgeous lineup of voice actors, such as Sugita Tomokazu as the voice of the main lead Sakata Gintoki, Sakaguchi Daisuke, Kugimiya Rie, Chiba Susumu, Nakai Kazuya, and Suzumura Kenichi.

This series has also released several animated films, “Gintama: The Movie” (2011) with a box office revenue of 1.1 billion JPY, “Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya” (2013) features an original story by the original author Sorachi Hideaki with a box office revenue of 1.7 billion JPY, and “Gintama: The Final” (January 2021) that depicts the finale of the original manga with a box office revenue of 1.9 billion JPY, which shows that this is a popular series as the record keep being overwritten by the new release.
Also, two live-action films of “Gintama” featuring Oguri Shun, Suda Masaki, and Hashimoto Kanna were revealed. This series has charmed the fans with a wide range of developments, which are manga, anime, and live-action films.

For this “Gintama”‘s collaboration event “Gintama Matsuri”, it will feature the sale of limited goods, such as “Trading Tin Badge” and “Acrylic Stand” with original illustrations, as well as a riddle-solving rally “Yuuenchi de Hashagisugiruto Haji o Kakukara Ki o Tsukete (Be careful as you will be embarrassed if you are too merry in the amusement park)”, where the “Acrylic Coaster (4 types)” will be given randomly upon completion.

Furthermore, upon ordering a single dish/ drink from the collaboration food/ drink menu, an “original coaster (10 types)” will be given randomly.

“Gintama Matsuri” will be held at Asakusa Hanayashiki until January 16, 2022. Please visit the designated webpage for more information.

(C) Sorachi Hideaki/ Shueisha, TV Tokyo, Dentsu, BNP, Aniplex