“Anorak Hoodie”, “Down Jacket”, and “Sleeping Bag-Style Pouch” will be released under the “TAKIBI” series, which was produced as the collaboration between “Mobile Suit Gundam” and “NANGA”, a down-stuffed sleeping bag brand that deals with high-quality down. Pre-orders are currently available on “Premium Bandai”, Bandai Namco Group’s official online store.

This collaboration is a collection series that lines up “Anorak Hoodie”, “Down Jacket”, and “Sleeping Bag-Style Pouch”, which looks like a small sleeping bag. All the items are produced under the “TAKIBI” series, which develops flame-retardant items perfect for a blazing fire at camping.

For “Anorak Hoodie”, the surface is made with the material that combines cotton-like polyester with flame-retardant aramid. In addition to being hardly affected by fire sparks generated from a blazing fire, this hoodie also has a water-repellent finish, which prevents water and stain from seeping in.
The emblems that represent the Gundam’s world setting and the embroidered logo are designed on the front, and small words are printed on the left sleeve. The hoodie with relatively big size and functionality will be perfect for everyday use as well as for camping and other outdoor activities.

“Down Jacket” has logo emblems on the left chest and right arm, and two detachable emblems with hook-and-loop fasteners are attached on the left arm. In addition, the casual design embroidered on the hood and the logo printed inside bring out the Gundam world even more.
The surface is made with TAKIBI fabric, which is originally produced by “NANGA” by combining cotton-like polyester with flame-retardant aramid. You can enjoy a “blazing fire”, which is one of the drawbacks typical of chemical fabrics, while taking advantage of the extra insulation that is unique to “NANGA”‘s down jackets. As well as “Anorak Hoodie”, this item is also perfect for everyday use.

“Sleeping Bag-Style Pouch” is a highly playful item that is filled with feathers just like a real sleeping bag. With the carabiner attached, this pouch can be hooked on a belt or bag. This item will be useful for storing accessories and other small goods.

The prices (incl. tax/excl. shipping & handling) are as follows: “Anorak Hoodie” – 48,400 JPY, “Down Jacket” – 80,300 JPY, “Sleeping Bag-Style Pouch” – 3,850 JPY. Pre-orders are available on “STRICT-G Online Store” within “Premium Bandai”, until 11:00 PM on November 14, 2021, and the shipping is scheduled for November. From November 7, these items will also be available at “STRICT-G” stores Tokyo Odaiba, Solamachi, and NEOPASA Shizuoka (Aichi-Bound).

“STRICT-G NANGA ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ TAKIBI Anorak Hoodie”
・Price: 48,400 JPY (incl. tax) (excl. shipping & handling)
・Design: E.F.S.F. Model (Beige), ZEON Model (Coyote Brown)
・Size: S/M/L
・Material: Surface – Polyester 93%, Aramid Fiber 7%, Tape – Polyester

“STRICT-G NANGA ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ TAKIBI Down Jacket”
・Price: 80,300 JPY (incl. tax) (excl. shipping & handling)
・Design: E.F.S.F. Model (Navy), ZEON Model (Green), RED COMET Model (Red)
・Size: M/L/XL
・Material: Surface – Polyester 93%, Aramid Fiber 7%, Lining – Nylon 100% (40dn Nylon Taffeta), Inner Cotton – Down 80%, Feather 20% STD (Duck from Spain / Down 80-20% 650FP), Amount of Feather: 150g

“STRICT-G NANGA ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ Sleeping Bag-Style Pouch”
・Price: 3,850 JPY (incl. tax) (excl. shipping & handling)
・Design: E.F.S.F. Model (Navy), ZEON Model (Green), RED COMET Model (Red)
・Size: Length(w/carabiner): 24.5 cm, H(w/o carabiner): 19 cm, Width: 9.5 cm *measurements when placed flat
・Material: Surface – Polyester 100%, Lining – Nylon 100%, Inner Cotton – Down 90%, Feather 10%

<Pre-Sale: Friday, November 5, 2021~>
・”Premium Bandai” “STRICT-G Online Store”
Sales Period: ~ 11:00 PM on Sunday, November 14, 2021
Planning: Bandai Co., Ltd.
Shipping: scheduled for November 2021
*The sales may be discontinued once the estimated sales volume has been reached.
*The sales may have already been discontinued by the time you visit the webpage.

<General Sales: Sunday, November 7, 2021~>
・STRICT-G Tokyo Odaiba
・STRICT-G Tokyo Solamachi
・STRICT-G NEOPASA Shizuoka (Aichi-Bound)
*Please contact the stores directly to ask for more details.

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