“Kiki’s Delivery Service” latest goods “Kiki’s Delivery Service Daisy’s Flower Language” series was released by the Ghibli heroine inspired brand “Donguri Closet”.

The designs of the collection “Kiki’s Delivery Service Daisy’s Flower Language” are inspired by the things featured in the movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service” such as the daisies’ flower language of “innocence” and “hope”, Kiki sitting on the stalks of the daisies, Jiji, Cookies that Tombo bought, and a propeller attached on the bicycle.

The collection features five items in total: “Long Pajamas”, with tops that cover the knees (about 157cm of height) and comfy bottoms, a “Head Band” to hold away your hair back neatly, a “Flat Pouch” of the perfect size for putting away accessories hand creams and lipsticks, a “Drawstring Pouch Bag” for storing the pajamas, and a “Folding Stand Mirror” which is foldable, making it compact enough for carrying around.

All goods of “Kiki’s Delivery Service Daisy’s Flower Language” are available from October 30 at the online shop, and the store locations “Donguri Closet Lazona Kawasaki Plaza” and “Ghibli ga Ippai Donguri no Kyouwakoku”. Please visit the product webpage for more details including the prices.

(c)1989 Eiko Katono – Studio Ghibli