New Blu-ray disc will be released celebrating the 30th anniversary of the anime adaptation of “Like the Clouds, Like the Wind”, which character designs and screenplay were done by Kondo Katsuya, well known for his work in Ghibli’s “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and “Totoro”.

Based on the novel “Inner Palace Harem Story ” by the author Sakemi Kenichi, “Like the Clouds, Like the Wind” is a fantasy anime broadcasted on Nippon TV’s network channels during 1990, with character designs and screenplay done by Kondo Katsuya.
Set in an ancient eastern civilization, after the death of the current emperor, the plot outlines the journey of Ginga, a 14-year old countryside girl, who goes from setting out to become a concubine for the new young emperor Koryun, to assembling an army and standing up against an invading rebellion.

“Like the Clouds, Like the Wind” Blu-ray price is 4,800JPY (tax excluded) and it will be released on 2021, Jan. 20.
The product contains a 8-page booklet as a bonus, and for pre-orders a special A4 print set of 3 posters (from the animation’s scene backgrounds) will be included as well.

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